"If you want to hear someone who understands children... go to Monica Brown's workshop and concert..."

Harry Dudley - USA

"... captivated by the simplicity, the sincerity and above all, the originality with which Monica and her co-artists invited the audience to join them on the spiritual experience, One Moment..."

Terry Creagh - Australia

"... people from all over Ireland joined in an experience that moved us very deeply and strengthened our appreciation and future expression of our faith..."

Fr Patrick Moore - Ireland

“The most spiritual faith development experience I have had. I have lots to share with my community and colleagues…”

Retreat Day Participant - WA

“Monica Brown presented two workshops at our religious education congress, both of which were very well received. We would like to see her here again!”

Sr. Edith Prendergast - USA

"God has given you great talents - may He continue to bless your very valuable work."

Cardinal Clancy - Australia

“... I learned several very simple ideas for liturgies that I have been able to enhance or adapt to our liturgies ... the sense from her that she truly believes liturgy to be a joyful, prayer filled experience ...”

Kathy Tichenor

"Undoubtedly Monica presented us with limitless possibilities for presenting and representing the word of God in our schools, parishes and youth clubs..."

Sr. Clare Hand - UK

"Through the music, song and dance of One Moment, I felt God had reached out and touched me, such was the depth of the encounter..."

Sr Anna Fewer - Australia

"... one of the most foremost leaders in the use of music, drama and prayer in the presentation of gospel stories ... Monica is inspirational in her presentations..."

Sr. Delores Fenzel - USA

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