Tributes to a beloved Australian Poet

Emmaus Productions unites with so many across Australia, New Zealand and beyond, in acknowledging the recent death of our friend and colleague, Noel Davis, whose inspirational poetry and reflections are deeply valued and cherished.

In 1991, under the name of the Shekinah Creative Centre, Emmaus Productions was privileged to publish Noel's first few collections, Heart Gone Walkabout, Campfire of the Heart, Love Finds A Way and Fallows Hundredfold.

Following these highly acclaimed works, Noel and his wife Trish deLany went on to publish six more collections of Noel's poems and reflections.

As a gesture of appreciation of Noel and his beautiful poetic soul, we are releasing Noel's entire video series, Thought For The Day, as a free offering, consisting of 16 episodes featuring some of Noel's most popular works.

We hope and pray his legacy will live on in the hearts of all who knew him, both personally and in the intimacy of his poetry.

~Monica Brown
Director, Emmaus Productions

Photo of Australian poet, Noel Davis.
June 1940 – March 2021
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Online Video Series ~ Released 2017

Thought for the Day

Screenshot of online video "Thought for the Day"0

Each of the 5-minute episodes in this video series is centred on the poetry of the much loved Australian poet, Noel Davis.

The poem is presented by Noel and then opened up with images and music for further reflection.

This Thought For The Day series is, “A little soul time, a few moments of quiet reflection to gather ourselves as we move with confidence into the gift of the day and bring our joy and magnanimity to its unfolding”. (Noel Davis)

There are 16 episodes of this beautiful series to view below.

Please enjoy these —Reflections by Noel Davis— with our blessings

Episode 1: A Graceful Seduction
Episode 2: Keep Reminding Me
Episode 3: Just Come
Episode 4: To Grow Into Fullness
Episode 5: On The Wings Of One-der
Episode 6: Reclaim Your Sacred Site
Episode 7: A Pause
Episode 8: Love and Miracles
Episode 9: Resurrection of the Living
Episode 10: Humility
Episode 11: What of Truth
Episode 12: To Be With Others
Episode 13: Comes The Time
Episode 14: Life In The Penthouse
Episode 15: The Forgiveness Track
Episode 16: A Love Stop