As the world goes into lock-down, Emmaus Productions is offering families and communities the video and music resources below to support them spiritually during this extraordinary time as well as offering support to them in their celebration of Holy Week and Easter.

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Videos and Music for Adults

Before viewing these videos or listening to this music, we suggest that you create a quiet sacred space and perhaps light a candle, by way of preparing yourself for these resources.

Some of the video resources below, marked with *,  lend themselves to small group discussion and faith sharing. Given the social separation and isolation requirements at this time of the pandemic, some form of group sharing and discussion could be very beneficial at many levels  for members of your community.

This could be easily achieved by using internet technology such as Zoom which enables face to face meetings via computers or iPads. (Follow this link for details

Zoom requires the community leader/organisation to set up —at a very minimal fee— a Zoom account (entirely independent of Emmaus) and then send a Zoom meeting link to all who wish to participate in the group video viewing and discussion.

People in the group open the Zoom link in their email on their computers or iPads and they can view the video together and then share their reflections and insights. 

The community leader could schedule Zoom faith sharing meetings throughout the coming weeks and integrate into the group video viewing and discussion, prayer and music.

In this way, the community can stay connected during these extraordinary times and continue to be enriched in their faith and nourished by their communal support.

Videos and Music for Children

Before viewing these videos with children, it is recommended that the parent or prayer guide view them beforehand to ensure familiarity with the resource and their suitability in light of their children’s readiness.

We also suggest that you create a quiet, sacred space and perhaps light a candle and settle the children, by way of preparing them to view these videos and/or to listen to the music.

Bedtime would be an ideal time to share these resources with children.

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You may also wish to view our resources offering hope for Easter and Pentecost — Easter Hope & Pentecost Expectation


If you experience the videos spasmodically stopping during playback, this is due to the high volume of internet usage in your region, most likely due to so many people working from home and/or using their internet for entertainment.
We are unable to resolve this as it is not a fault with our videos.
We suggest that you try to view the videos during off-peak internet periods. You may also try closing all other internet operations or contacting your internet service provider for advice.

Videos for Children

God’s Comfort and Protection
“I Am With You Always” Scripture Prayer Cards ~ Children's Edition


UK Edition
Irish Edition

 Precious, Honoured & Loved
Scripture Alive

 God, Sometimes I Feel Sad
Hello My God Series (Suitable for little children)

Australia Edition

UK Edition
Irish Edition

Nothing Can Take Us Away
Songs For All Seasons ~ Children’s Edition


Videos for Adults

The Way of the Cross ~ Adult Edition
Scripture Prayer

How Could A Loving God Need or Want Jesus to Die?*
The Big Questions of Life (Ep.6)

The Rhythm of Life*
The Cross: Dying That Leads to Life (Ep.1)

Desert Places*
Landscapes of the Soul

Jesus Face of God ~ Adult Edition
Songs For All Seasons

Videos for Children

 The Way of the Cross ~ Children’s Edition
Reflection & Prayer …From God’s Word

From A long Way Home ~ Children’s Edition
Songs For All Seasons

God, This Is What I Know About Jesus
Hello My God Series
(Suitable for little children)

Australia Edition

UK Edition
Irish Edition

Reflection & Prayer …From God’s Word
(In this video, the text in purple is intended to be read by the prayer guide)