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  • Embodying The God We Proclaim PDF

    Ministering As Jesus Did by Monica Brown

    The central concern of this book is how authentic we are as the People of God. Are we more or are we less recognisable as Jesus’ disciples today? Monica poses many questions and raises pertinent issues concerning what and how we do our ministry in today’s world.

    Monica’s discussion on the implications of Jesus’ life and ministry for our ministry today is relevant, in touch with grass root realities and deeply challenging. A practical and valuable resource for anyone involved in ministry in the Church today – community leaders, administrators, teachers, chaplains and those responsible for ministry training and formation.


    195 page downloadable PDF book.

  • Holy Mystery

    A Celebration of the New Universe Story The story of the creation of the universe has been told in so … Read More
  • Listen Here God!

    Spirituality Of Being Yourself With God by Hilary Musgrave

    You will laugh and cry and you will want more of all that this book makes you feel!

    Listen Here God!… is a book of stories about the journey of the heart and the soul.

    Full of Dublin wit, it draws on childhood memories of colourful family characters, the rigours of Irish Catholicism, first kisses and true love, hurt and forgiveness, death and wonderings about God, weaving them all into reflections that will stir your own memories and cause you to muse on your own sense of God.

    You will laugh and cry in these stories. You will want more.

    Soft cover 90 page book.

  • Mother Earth

    A Celebration of the Sacredness of God’s Creation

    Uplifting music, beautiful movies and a booklet of thoughtful and creative prayer rituals written by Monica, are integrated with scripture based imagery.

    The Mother Earth Kit is a wonderful, creative and inspirational resource that offers a timely environmental focus that can inspire schools, parish and community groups of all ages.

    Includes CD, DVD & Resource Booklet.

  • Prayer Cards for Adults – Card Pack

    Scripture Prayer Cards and Music – I Am With You Always

    A beautiful unique and inspiring collection of 52 scripture Prayer Cards with reflections and simple rituals.

    Each of the cards contains a simple scripture quote with a brief reflection and personal ritual which concludes with an affirmation. An index of suitable hymns, mantras and songs to accompany the Prayer Card is also included. All you need for a simple meaningful prayer time.

    Ideal for communal prayer, meditation and reflection or for personal devotions.

    Includes 52 Prayer Cards.