About Noel Davis

"What to share with you as I approach my 77th birthday in June and am in fragile health? A little about writing in my life. Writing has become a loved companion and a way of prayer. Since my early forties, it has been a healing pathway.

It is a joy to be able to express what is on my heart and what I imagine of the universe that dreamt me, birthed me and sustains me. I have come to trust my heart’s imaginings and my life endeavour is to live with integrity what I write. I’m learning to be tender and loving of myself when I fall short of this.

Central to my spirituality at present is the belief that we are God’s loving prayer that we see and hear with our hearts the ever-present spiritual realm that we are immersed in.

I am grateful to you for your love and support, for taking the time to read and reflect on what I have written and to trust your own life experiences I hope it evokes.

Blessings, Noel"

Photo of Australian poet, Noel Davis.