Pondering the Mystery of Creation

Reflections with Denis Edwards

Screeshot of online video series "Pondering the Mystery of Creation"

Episode List:

  1. The Energy of Love
  2. Born of the Universe
  3. Jesus, Like Us!
  4. Ecological Mystics
  5. God Enfleshed
  6. Loved Into Being
  7. God’s Creative Action
  8. God With Us In All Biological Life
  9. The Diversity of Life Is Sacramental
  10. Christ At The Heart of It All

This video series reflects on the profound insights and wisdom of ecology and faith from the writings of Denis Edwards.

Each of the 10 episodes provide a reflective context of images and music to ponder the mystery of God’s creative action in the Universe. The video experience concludes with relevant questions for personal reflection and/or group sharing, by way of depthing the theme and focus of each episode.

This video series is dedicated to the memory of Denis Edwards and is a tribute to his inspirational faith-filled life.

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The Energy of Love
God With Us In All Biological Life