Poetic Reflections

With Edwina Gateley

Screenshot of online video "Poetic Reflections Series"

Episode List:

  1. All Set
  2. Each Day
  3. Space
  4. A Bit of God
  5. Will You?
  6. Let Your God Love You
  7. Faith
  8. Prodigal Child
  9. Water
  10. Blessing

This video series invites the viewer to reflect on their personal lives; their concerns and their relationship with God, through the inspirational writing of internationally acclaimed Edwina Gateley.

Each of the 10 episodes in this series begins with Edwina reading one of her poems, which is followed by images that break open the thread of the poem. Following this, the viewer is invited to reflect on how the poem speaks to their own experience. This time of reflection is supported with music.

The video, which runs for approximately 5–7 mins, concludes with suggestions of spiritual songs that could be used to draw the theme of the reflection together.

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Sample Videos

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Each Day