Landscapes of the Soul

Reflections by Margaret Silf

Screenshot of online series "Landscapes of the Soul"

Episode List:

  1. The Garden Of Your Soul - (Isaiah 58:1)  
  2. Through Your Day - (Matthew 11:28)
  3. At Home With God - (John 15:4)
  4. River Of Life - (Ezekiel 47: 9)
  5. Mountain Top - (Psalm 121:1)
  6. Desert Places - (Hosea 13:5)
  7. Waterfalls - (Psalm 42:7)
  8. Crossing Thresholds - (Deuteronomy 31.8)
  9. All At Sea - (Luke 5:4)
  10. Winds Of Change - (John 3:8)

This video series, by Margaret Silf, offers image and text reflections and prayer on life’s journey, which are inspired by the natural landscapes that we encounter in our lives.

There are 10 episodes in this series. Each episode runs for approximately 10–12 minutes and includes an introduction by Margaret to the theme of the specific episode, followed by guided voice-over reflections from Margaret, which are supported with images. Following this, there is a brief period for personal reflection and prayer. This concludes with a prayer led by Margaret.

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This series was generously sponsored by the

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Sponsorship contributions were also made by the 
Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta
and the 
Sisters of Mercy, Brisbane

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On The Mountain Top
Desert Places