An Astonishing Secret Meditations - The Heart of Incarnation

By Daniel O'Leary

Screen shot of online video series "An Astonishing Secret Meditations" with Daniel O'Leary
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Episode List:

  1. Incarnation - The Fleshing of God’s Beauty
  2. The Face of God
  3. God Is The Energy of All Life
  4. Heaven Here and Now
  5. The Body – The Threshold of The Divine
  6. God At Home In Our Humanity
  7. The Real Presence of God
  8. Truly Human, Truly Divine
  9. Growing In Faith
  10. Self-Realisation and Our Inner Work

An inspirational meditative series of some of Daniel O'Leary's gems taken from his book and E-course, An Astonishing Secret.

Each episode begins with a voice-over of Daniel reflecting briefly on various aspects of the mystery of Incarnation and its implications for us.  This is followed by relevant images, which are accompanied by music, offering a visual reflection on Daniel’s insights and wisdom.

Following this visual reflection, the viewer is guided into a meditative space to consider how Daniel’s reflection and imagery speak to them.

Each episode, which runs for approximately 8 – 10 minutes, concludes with questions for personal reflection or group sharing.

This video series is dedicated to the memory of Daniel and is a tribute to his inspirational poetic and prophetic wisdom and spirit.

For more of Daniel’s reflections, particularly his book and E-course on An Astonishing Secret, please follow this link

Sample Videos

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Incarnation - The Fleshing of God's Beauty
The Real Presence of God