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Thank you for your interest in our video prayer and meditation library.

Our Membership is very flexible; you can subscribe to an entire library or just a single series. We offer subscription periods of 1 year, 6 months or 3 months. Please note, the longer you are a Member, the more videos you will see as we regularly add new video series and episodes.

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This subscription is only for personal use and enrichment and cannot be shared.


To use videos with members of your community, school, parish, organisation or groups of any kind.

Subscription Options

Full Video Library

Access to ALL VIDEOS in the library, all series for adults & children.

Adult Library

Access to the video series in the ADULT library.

Child Library

Access to the video series in the CHILD library.

Specific Series

Access to only the specific video series of your choice in either the Adult or Child Series.

Membership Subscription Options

Membership Option & Price Matrix for Emmaus Productions