Hello from Kevin Treston,


I’ve been working in a teaching and adult development ministry for over 60 years all around Australia and in several countries.


During these years hundreds of Catholic schools, parish groups and individuals have utilised these resources.


Why not order some of the resources listed below?

Sayings for the Soul

Now I Have Put My Words in Your Mouth

This book is offered as a help to prayer and meditation using mantras and sacred sayings.

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Four Pillars

Developing the Ethos and Mission of a Catholic School

This resource has been updated and republished, widely used in Australia, UK and New Zealand to assist in Catholic identity and ethos.

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Come and See

Spirituality for Everyday Living

This resource has four sections about spirituality and is used by schools, parishes and individuals to enhance their spiritual journeys.

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Walk Lightly Upon the Earth

Creation Spirituality for Daily Living

This book discusses ways of living spiritually within the energies of the Spirit in creation

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Opening Doors

A Seeker’s Reflections on the Rooms of Christian Living

This book invites readers to open eleven ‘Doors’ of Christian living and spend time in reflection and shared conversations on living the Christian life in today’s world: An ideal resource both for individuals and small groups.

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The Wind Blows Where it Chooses

The Quest for a Christian Story in Our Time

This book considers four key themes in the crisis in Western Christianity:  Why this crisis is happening now? Who is the real Jesus? What accumulations in the church story need now to be modified? What are features of a vibrant spirituality for our time?

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Who Do You Say I Am?

The Christ Story in the Cosmic Context

This book explores the relationship between Christianity and modern science, especially quantum physics and the evolutionary story of the universe.

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Emergence for Life Not Fall from Grace

Making sense of the Jesus story in the light of evolution

This book reflects how the Jesus story might be told from the perspective of an evolutionary Emergence rather than the Fall, a new paradigm for the Christian tradition.

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