Monica welcomes the opportunity to facilitate retreats, reflection days, workshops, parish missions, renewal programs and faith celebration concerts.

As well as facilitating specific programs, Monica also provides consultation and support in liturgy and ritual for Congregational Assemblies and Chapters, Conferences, Community celebrations and special events.

If you would like more information about Monica’s programs or wish to discuss a booking with her please contact us through your nearest regional Emmaus office.

What participants
had to say...

"My retreat experience with Monica was a beautiful experience of God’s love and care for us - a reminder of the presence of God in our lives and in all of Creation"

"Everything about this experience touched me at the deepest level of my being. I will carry the music and beauty in my heart..."

"Amazing new (totally) insights as a result of the profound/beautiful varied presentations, music, ritual and silences..."

"The workshop was different from other workshops I have gone to. The music, the rituals, the imagery, everything was well integrated. This experience was a real heart’s journey."

"The most spiritual faith development experience I have had. I have lots to share with my community and colleagues..."

"Monica is a very talented and personable woman. She is extremely creative and has a spirituality that shines through everything she does. The workshop that I attended must have had 300-400 people. She handled the group very professionally, involved them, and everyone was delighted with her."

"In Monica's faith celebration I felt God had reached out and touched me, such was the depth of the encounter. It was a graced moment and a deeply moving spiritual experience."