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Programs Workshops and Concerts with Monica brown

Monica welcomes the opportunity to facilitate in-service workshops, retreats, reflection days, parish missions, renewal programs and faith celebration concerts.

As well as facilitating specific programs, Monica also provides consultation and support in liturgy and ritual for community celebrations, special events, assemblies and congregational chapters.

Monica Brown shares this ministry with Hilary Musgrave,  from Ireland, who contributes through sacred clowning and shared facilitation.  Together they are able to prepare programs to meet your group’s specific needs and interests.

For more detailed information about Monica's programs please see the following page below. 

To make a booking please contact your nearest Emmaus Office.

For information about Monica's current schedule and events please Click Here.

Ministry Programs and Workshops


Ethos and Mission

This program is based on Monica’s highly acclaimed book, Embodying The God We Proclaim - Ministering As Jesus Did.  It is designed to involve ministry teams, such as school staffs, parish and diocesan teams, in a creative evaluative process, enabling them to review and renew the ministry and communal life of their community.

Monica also offers this focus as a Keynote Address and has presented this in many National and International Conferences.


Meditation and Ritual in the Classroom

This workshop will explore the importance of meditation and ritual in the lives of our children and young people. It will actively engage participants in developing creative meditation and ritual with their students, through the use of scripture storytelling, imagery and music, together with active imagination, visualization and relaxation, which can draw the students into deep stillness and intimate prayer.

A special feature of this workshop will be a demonstration of the exciting new resource of the Emmaus Online Video Prayers & Meditations.  Follow this link www.liturgyritualprayer.com for information about this wonderful new resource. 


Religious Education Workshop

This workshop is a practical exploration of the use of creative process in breaking open the Word of God with children and youth.  Through the integration of music, mime, clowning, scripture storytelling and other creative process, participants will be actively involved in developing creative ways to support and nurture the spirituality and faith development of their students.

The workshop will reflect on why we do what we do in our ministry, while demonstrating the practical “how to” in breaking open the Word in the lived experience of children and youth.

A down to earth, hands-on workshop, which will enthuse and inspire a new approach to faith formation and, at the same time, affirm and enrich participants in their own journey.





Reflection Days and Retreat Programs


Reflection Day or Full Retreat

Inspired and guided by the Word of God and the wisdom of the New Cosmology, this program will offer a creative and prayerful space for personal reflection and enrichment.

Trusting God’s graciousness in giving them a, “…heart to think with” (Ecc 17:5), participants will be supported through scripture imagery, reflection, music and ritual, to listen and attend to the stirring and yearnings of their heart, as they seek and search out  the movement of God in their lives in these times.

“My heart is fixed upon you Lord,

My heart is steadfast in your love,

My heart at peace within your gaze,

My heart at home in your embrace.”

© 2006 Monica Brown


Reflection Day or Full Retreat

Through the blending and weaving of music with scripture, imagery and ritual, this program will provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on their journey, in the awareness of the mystery and wisdom of the New Universe Story, and experience the holy ground  of God’s Presence in their own being and in all of creation.


Reflection Day or Full Retreat

Using music, imagery, ritual and sacred clowning, Monica and Hilary will provide an opportunity to reflect on Jesus as he invites us into a renewed appreciation of God's continual self-expression within the context of the New Cosmology.  This retreat experience will invite participants to embrace the Sacred within their own being and to open themselves to the transforming vision of life that recognizes God, “as the mystery of human experience…” (Rahner) and the life-giving Presence of all creation.




Faith Celebration Concerts


In these celebrations, Monica integrates her music with mime, dance, scripture storytelling, imagery and ritual, leading participants in an intimate reflection and celebration of their experience of God and their spiritual journey.



Using music from her collection of children’s songs, together with scripture storytelling, clowning and mime, Monica actively involves children in the celebration of their God. This is much more than a sing-a-long, but rather an interactive spirit-filled celebration of faith and life for children, with special emphasis on the dignity of who they are.

Celtic Retreats and Pilgrimages


Celebrating Celtic Spirtuality

Faciltated by Hilary Musgrave and Monica Brown, this will draw participants, through creative reflection and ritual, story and imagery, music and song, into a deeper awareness and appreciation of Celtic spirituality. The weekend retreat offers a unique opportunity to touch The Celtic Heart Within... ourselves, our community and our landscape. We will provide, in true Celtic spirit, time for story and song, dance and stillness, silence and conversation, ritual and prayer.




10 Days in the Ancient Celtic Landscape

Join Hilary and Monica as they take you to Glendalough, Newgrange, The Boyne Valley, The Hill of Tara, Jerpoint Abbey, Kildare Town, Kilkenny City and County Carlow, visiting ancient ruins and old burial sites, high crosses, holy wells, medieval cities and sacred places. Through music, song, story and myth, dance, mime, imagery and scripture-storytelling, Hilary and Monica will help you breathe in the depths, touch the sacredness and be drawn into the richness of the Celtic landscape and spiritual experience.

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