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About Emmaus Productions

"When I began this ministry in 1985, I found the inspiration for its vision and scope in the beautiful Emmaus story from Luke’s Gospel." (LK24: 13-35) "My hope was that the scripture based programs and resources we offered at Emmaus Productions would support people in their journey in understanding their own life story in relationship with Jesus and the mystery of God’s ways in their lives. I have always hoped and prayed that what we offer in this ministry would draw people from their heads to their hearts, revealing their deeper longing for God and lead them to recognize God with them in their life’s journey."

Monica Brown

Emmaus Productions in an independent non-profit organization dedicated to providing creative experiential programs, workshops and events, as well as music and other audio visual resources, which enable children, youth and adults to appreciate their own giftedness and to experience the Sacred in their lives.

Together with the Emmaus team, Monica facilitates workshop style programmes, in-services, retreats and faith celebration concerts for children, youth and adults, in the areas of religious education, spirituality and liturgy. These workshops and programmes use an integrated creative process of music, mime and scripture storytelling, together with sacred clowning, imagery and ritual.

As well as their extensive touring of Australia, Monica and the Emmaus team regularly tour in Ireland, the UK, USA and New Zealand. This touring has seen Emmaus’ ministry expand, not only in these countries but also into Europe, Africa and the Pacific. In response to this expansion, Emmaus has set up international offices in Ireland, England and in the USA where Emmaus is a registered non-profit organisation.

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" God has given you great talents - may He continue to bless your very valuable work. "

Cardinal Clancy, Former Archbishop of Sydney